Book Review | In or Out By Stacy Gregg

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Dog wants in. He’s trying to build blocks, play with his cars and finish his painting masterpiece. Cat wants in. No, Cat wants out. In. Out. In. Out. It’s enough to drive Dog crazy!

In or Out – A Tale of Cat Versus Dog is a hilarious story about friendship, patience and paw-prints, brilliantly written by Stacy Gregg and illustrated by Sarah Jennings.

In or Out - A Tale of Cat Versus Dog

Based on the author’s experiences with her new kitten during lockdown, and it’s all-too-familiar characteristics, this fun-filled story is comedically told through the antics of mischievous Cat and increasingly impatient Dog. Can they end the day as friends?

Written by bestselling author Stacy Gregg and brilliantly illustrated by Sarah Jennings, this hilarious tale about patience, friendship and understanding will have kids giggling all the way through!

About the author

Stacy Gregg is the author of the successful pony adventure series Pony Club Secrets and Pony Club Rivals as well as standalone novels The Princess and the Foal and The Island of Lost Horses both of which are winners of the Children’s Choice Junior Fiction award at the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults.

We asked mum Kristina and her son to review In or Out – A Tale of Cat Versus Dog

My son and I loved the book because it has lots of pictures that give an opportunity to explain or ask the child what the characters are doing. You can also point out the colours and shapes, so it helps to improve vocabulary. It also has a nice story/lesson about friendship.

My boy especially loved the characters’ emotions – he was so excited, trying to mimic those 🙂

This book gives you an easy and fun way of spending some relaxing time interacting with your child plus I think it’s a great mid-day entertainment for both of you.

– Kristina

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