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Spaceboy by number one bestselling author David Walliams is a breathless cinematic adventure full of mystery, action, laughs and surprises – and a secret that could change the course of history!

America. The 1960s.

Stuck on a remote farm with her awful aunt, twelve-year-old orphan Ruth spends every night gazing at the stars, dreaming of adventure. One night she spots a flying saucer blazing across the sky … before crash-landing in a field. When the spaceship opens and reveals a mysterious alien, all of Ruth’s dreams come true.

But does this visitor from another planet have a giant secret?

Spaceboy is a hilarious and action-packed tale for readers in any solar system.

Take a look at the reviews from our Young Readers for Spaceboy by David Walliams below ⬇️

Book review from Fin, aged 11

Spaceboy is a story about Ruth who is a 12-year-old orphan whose parents died in a mining accident. She lives a horrible, sad life because she is poor and has to live with her awful Aunt.

Nothing seems good in her life until a mysterious spacecraft lands on her farm. This landing sparks the beginning of an exciting adventure for Ruth and her 3 legged dog Yuri. Ruth and Yuri soon discovered that the spaceship wasn’t empty and inside was a boy who they named Spaceboy.

Ruth quickly realised that Spaceboy was being hunted by the military. Luckily though, Ruth was completely obsessed with space and she made it her personal mission to protect Spaceboy from the evil military.

Spaceboy by David Walliams

Ruth and Spaceboy form an amazing friendship and for the first time in a long time her loneliness is gone. Along the way they face some tricky situations and end up in the wrong places some of the time.

Will their friendship and determination get them out of trouble and away from the military? You will have to read the book to find out …

I would highly recommend this book for kids who like David Walliams and especially for those that are into space. This book was so good I already want to read it again!

Book review from Hamish, 12

The story starts off with a girl named Ruth whose parents died in a mining accident when she was four. Ruth is for now living with her Aunt Dorothy who is a wicked woman who hates children.

But on one starry night, a strange UFO crash lands into a cornfield near the barn. Being the curious little girl Ruth is, she goes to check it out. And this is where the drama begins …

I really enjoy this book because of the way the author kept me on the edge the whole time. Spaceboy is a great book for people who like Sci-Fi and drama.

Overall I rate this book a 9.5/10.

Spaceboy by David Walliams review

Book review from Lucas, aged 12

This book starts off with Ruth, a child living with her evil aunt Dorothy, meeting a new life form, Spaceboy. Ruth is interested in space and is excited when she sees a UFO falling onto her aunt’s farm.

The main characters for this story are, Ruth, Yuri (her dog) and of course Spaceboy!

When Spaceboy’s arrival becomes public many things begin to go wrong, including being chased down by the U.S. Government. The President even wants to meet Spaceboy, as he is the first ever alien life form on Earth.

Spaceboy by David Walliams book review

I enjoyed this book because of the theme of adventure and the amount of funny moments. Some parts of this story were adventure filled while others were filled with funny jokes and certain mysteries. I loved how it was themed around the Space Race in the 1960s, The U.S. versus The Soviet Union.

This was a great book. Overall I’d give it a 10/10.

Book review from Ellen, 13

Hello there. I had the pleasure of reading Spaceboy by David Walliams. Shout out to Kidspot and Harper Collins for giving me this chance to read one of your fun and silly books. I really liked reading this book by David Walliams because he is one of my favourite authors.

Set in America in the 1960s, Spaceboy is an “Out of this World” adventure which will introduce the reader to the Space Race that developed during that time. An unlikely friendship occurs between Ruth and Spaceboy when his flying saucer crashlands in Ruth’s Aunt’s cornfield.

Spaceboy by David Walliams

My favourite character in this book is Yuri the dog. Yuri was a big help in this story because he had sharp teeth and he was scary when he needed to be. But all he was trying to do was look after his owner.

It was hard to keep up at first because so much was happening. Let’s just say the FBI got involved because of the suspected UFO discovery and chaos ensues!

I recommend this book for 8 to 14-year-olds. Bye!

Book review from Kaitlyn, aged 11

I enjoyed the book Spaceboy by David Walliams. It has a good plot and many plot twists that add to the fun and enjoyment of the story. For example, when Spaceboy turns out to be [spoilers] …

Here are some of my favourite positive points. I liked the style that the book was written in, which means that it delights readers of all ages. The plot is very imaginative which holds you spellbound until the very last page. Although some of the language used is not very thoughtful to the people it is aimed at, some of the kids are disrespectful to adults.

Spaceboy by David Walliams book review

Overall this book was an entertaining read, though not quite my cup of tea. I would rate it a six point five on a scale of one to ten. This book is probably good for readers of eight or nine.

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