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The battle between Good and Evil begins in Rise of the School for Good and Evil. Go back in time to the beginning and uncover the never-before-told events leading up to Sophie and Agatha’s dramatic arrival and the beginning of their epic fairy tale.

Two brothers. One Good. One Evil.

Together, they watch over the Endless Woods. Together, they choose the students for the School for Good and Evil. Together they train them, teach them, and prepare them for their fate. Then, something happens. Something that will change everything and everyone. Who will survive? Who will rule the School?

The journey starts here. With magic, surprises and daring deeds at every turn, courage and loyalty will be put to the test, only to lead you to the very beginning of the adventures that are The School for Good and Evil.

The School for Good and Evil will soon be a major motion picture from Netflix – starring Academy Award winner Charlize Theron, Kerry Washington, Laurence Fishburne, Michelle Yeoh, Sofia Wylie, Sophie Anne Caruso, Jamie Flatters, Earl Cave, Kit Young and more!

Take a look at the reviews from our Young Readers for Rise of the School for Good and Evil below ⬇️

Book review from Jonathan, aged 13

Rise of the School for Good and Evil is a book with many characters. It takes you to another world, similar to Harry Potter and Morrigan Crow. It has magic, betrayal, love and mystery. With a compelling storyline and interesting characters galore, it is a great book, with few flaws. The book puts you straight into the action, and around 5 chapters in gives you a hint of mystery and shows that there are a lot of unsolved secrets in this world. As you go through the book, you can learn about a whole other world, and you see a lot of battles over being the better side – good or evil.

Rise of the school for good and evil

The book is about 2 twin brothers, one for good and one for evil. They live in one school and teach Evers (good people) and Nevers (bad people) the ways of good and evil. At the start there is little separation, but as the events of the book unfold, there becomes separation and discord between the two polar opposites. The main character at the start of the book is a mixture of both, sure to upset the balance between the two. There is also a future-telling pen that writes stories about students and teachers. Throughout the book, you travel to many different places in this magical world, and although a lot is going on at a time, you will have a great time reading it.

Book review from Ciara, aged 13

Rise of the School for Good and Evil is the prequel to the series The School for Good and Evil.

I really enjoyed this book, and I found that it lined up very well with the information given in the rest of the series. There weren’t any little things that just didn’t match; this book tells the story of what happened around a century before the rest of the books.

This book is better suited for older kids as it is a bit more grown-up – there is some violence, like in the later books, but it has some great language and is very exciting. I liked the story and there are some great plot twists which I can’t tell you about, you’ll just have to read it!

Rise of the school for good and evil

The characters are very realistic and fun. There are a lot of funny bits in this book and some very good irony. It is a decent-sized book and took me around 2 days to read. There are a lot of good scenes in this book and you can see everything happening (things are well-described). Overall, I really liked this book and I would recommend it for kids aged 9+ who have enjoyed the rest of the series.  would definitely read this one after the earlier books, even though it takes place before.

Book review from Lydia, aged 12

Rafal and Rhian are twins, picked by the Storian to be the new school masters. One for good, one for evil. They pick the students for their school. They train them, teach them, and get them ready for their future. The only thing that keeps the schoolmasters teeenagers and keeps them from getting hurt is their love for each other. If they betray each other the magic is lost.

One day a student changes it all, this student is Aladdin. He steals, tricks, and so much more. When he gets picked for the school both school masters expect him to be evil, but instead, the bird that carried him flies right over evil and plants him in good. The schoolmasters are confused. The Storian must have made a mistake.

Rise of the school for good and evil

After Aladdin joins the school chaos is made, people leave, new people join, and there is lots of betrayal. The school has changed forever.

I think it’s a really good book, and I enjoyed reading it. ★★★★★ – five stars a very good book!

Book review from Fin, aged 10

Rise of the School for Good and Evil is a book about two twin brothers who were given immortality by a magical pen named the storian. To keep their immortality the brothers’ love was not allowed to fall and they had to be loyal to each other.

The two brothers Rafal and Rhian are both headmasters of a school for good and evil. The School teaches pupils how to be heroes and villains. A new kid came to the school. The brothers thought he would be chosen by the storain to be in the school for evil but was put in the good school. This started an argument between the brothers that led to war, betrayal and [spoiler].

Rise of the school for good and evil

The story didn’t start as I thought it would. The brothers were only introduced part way through. I found this a bit confusing and have since found out that this book is a prequel. If I had read the original book first this book may have made more sense faster.

I would recommend this book for children a little older than me and I would definitely suggest reading the original book first.

Book review from Olliver, aged 12

I am a 12-year-old boy who loves to read and found this book kept my attention as the story was intriguing. This is the first book I’ve read by this author and will look to see what other novels he has written to see how they compare.

The general storyline is that there is one school with two masters, Rhian and Rafal the twins, who stay immortal as long as they love each other. This all changes when the magical pen – the Storian- starts favouring Good in its fairy tales. When Rafal finally loses a bet with his brother Rhian over the fate of a student, he gets so mad he leaves the school.

Rise of the school for good and evil

Upon his departure, Rhian, the good schoolmaster, gets so annoyed he builds a new glass castle and hires a new schoolmaster for evil – Vulcan – who shows off so much and makes so many changes that the students start favouring him. Rafal ends up going on a quest with a young pirate, James Hook. And that is all that I can share, as you will have to read the story to find out what happens in the end.

Book review from Kyra, aged 9

This book is about two school masters Rafal and Rhian, who are brothers. Rhian leads the school of the good and Rafal leads the school of the evil, teaching their students magic. They both think that a young student Aladdin, has been placed in the wrong school. This book also tells the story of Aladdin and his journey to find out if he really is good or evil. Everything that happens next, is really unexpected.

After reading this book, I am very interested to read the other books in this series and find out more. I really liked the way that this story was written, everything had really good descriptions and I could picture it all in my head like a movie. I would recommend this book to people who like magic and adventure stories.

Rise of the school for good and evil
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Rise of the school for good and evil

I was really excited to read this book because I love reading new books and stories. I found the length of the chapters a good size and not too long and I also loved the characters, especially my favourite princess Kyma.

The story was very descriptive and I was easily able to understand what was happening. There were parts that were a bit romantic and also lots of fantasy, which I love. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends and look forward to seeing what other books this author has written.

Grace, aged 11.

Rise of the school for good and evil

This book is mainly about two brothers, one good and one evil and they choose students for their school.  Something happens which means things will never be the same again.  There are some Disney characters in the story like Captain Hook and Aladdin.

I found this book really intriguing.  It was a bit slow at the start, but once I got into it, it got more interesting.

Saskia, aged 10.

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