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Diamond Brothers Detectives: Where Seagulls Dare is a hilarious new story about the world’s worst detectives, by the bestselling author of the Alex Rider series, Anthony Horowitz.

Private investigators Tim and Nick Diamond haven’t had a case for three months and are down to their last cornflake. So when a glamorous woman comes into their office offering them a pile of cash to find her missing father, they think Christmas has come – only it turns out they are the turkeys! Before they know it, they are caught up in a case involving bike-riding hitmen, superhackers and a sinister far-right organisation, the White Crusaders. The Diamond Brothers are in the soup and in it over their heads. With thrills and spills, and jokes on every page, this new Diamond Brothers novel will have young readers howling with laughter.

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Book review from Kaitlyn, aged 11

I enjoyed this book a lot. The top five reasons are:

1. The author used clever humour, which resulted in a very funny book.
2. The chapters sometimes end in cliffhangers, causing me to want to read on.
3. It has some clever plot twists and play on words.
4. There are extraordinary events that make the book fun.
5. Nick, the younger brother is a likeable character because he is loyal to his brother and also very good at solving mysteries.

This book would appeal to children age 8 + and beyond – and even my Dad read it!

Where Seagulls Dare book review

It is a story that is easy to read but because the author decided to be clever with word play, older children can also read it. However being younger, you wouldn’t quite get the word play, but you would definitely still enjoy the book. As I am in the olderish variety, I zoomed through it(because it is not that long), I got all the jokes, clever tricks and double meanings and really enjoyed it. Because the book is not that long, it is appropriate for confident readers, who don’t like hard, long books.

Overall this book is a very enjoyable read for most ages

Book review from Fin, aged 10

This book is a great story about two brothers, Tim and Nick Diamond. One bright, the other dim. What I mean by this is one brother is a good detective and one is terrible. I will let you find out which one is which by reading the book!

Nick and Tim get assigned a case to solve the mystery of a missing person. What follows is a lot of fun, disaster and adventure. Along the way you get to know more about the brothers and their interesting way of solving crimes. Sometimes their tactics are not the best.

Diamond Brothers Detectives: Where Seagulls Dare book review

The book is very funny and would appeal to kids that like a bit of comedy as well as the excitement of solving a crime. There are other books in the series too if you enjoyed reading this one.

Book review from Leo, aged 8.5

Diamond Brothers Detectives: Where Seagulls Dare, by Anthony Horowitz, is a book about two brothers (one who is not a very good detective!) who have to work together to solve the mystery of a missing person.

The story is quite funny and made me laugh. I liked the pictures drawn and I found the book hard to put down as I wanted to find out what happened in the end!
I think it is nice that the author is donating all the money made from this book to charity.

I really liked this book and will be looking out for more in this series to read next.

Where Seagulls Dare book review

Book review from Grace, aged 12

I was lucky enough to be able to review the book Where Seagulls Dare by Anthony Horowitz. This was such a fun, easy to follow book that I really enjoyed being able to read.

There are some interesting characters, and one with a strange code name … But that adds to the creative writing by the author.

I love to read books and have read many different genres, this book was one of the top books I’ve read. I would happily recommend this book to my friends and family.

Where Seagulls Dare book review

Book review from Olliver, aged 12

I am a 12-year-old boy who loves to read and found this book O.K but some of the story was strange and hard to understand. This is the first book I’ve read by this author and might look to see what other stories he has written to see if they are better.

The general story line is that there are two brothers doing a detective for hire job. The diamond brothers are asked to find a computer hacker who has gone missing, they are hunted by a gang of criminals.

The brothers are captured by the government and asked to help find the hacker on an island run by a maniac. They decline but end up going on the mission. This is all I can say as I cannot spoil it.

Where Seagulls Dare book review
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