Sunny Side Up – Paint Your Own Mosaic

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Create your own mosaic masterpiece with this fun project using Resene testpots.

A great project for all ages, you can copy these picture ideas or make your own!

To create the mosaic look, make sure you leave a gap between each blob of paint.

You will need:

Check out the step by step instructions for the sun below or try your hand at the boat picture too. It was made using

Sunny side up

Step 1:

Apply one coat of Resene Art Action Quick Dry to the cardboard and allow two hours to dry.

Sunny side up

Step 2:

Apply two coats of Resene Splish Splash to the cardboard, allowing two hours for each coat to dry.

Sunny side up

Step 3:

Draw a circle on the cardboard, tracing around the plate as shown. Draw in a face and sun rays around the edge of the circle.

Sunny side up

Step 4:

Fill in the face with small blobs of Resene Fizz, as shown, and paint in the mouth using blobs of Resene Get Reddy.

Sunny side up

Step 5:

Using the same paint technique, paint the nose and eyes using Resene Alabaster and Resene Clowning Around. Paint in the sun rays using Resene Frenzee.


Step 6:

Fill in the background using blobs of Resene Snap. Allow 2 hours to dry. How neat is that?

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Article provided by Resene. Resene kids art with Mark Rayner – Project 84

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