Suckies Activity Sheets Made For Little Humans

Get the ​li’l ones creativity flowing with these fun, free and printable activity sheets from Suckies.

Suckies are fresh probiotic yoghurt and fruit pouches that have been created by The Collective specifically for li’l ones. They’re easy to pop into a lunchbox, or to grab one as you’re heading out the door. They’re also high in probiotics and have no added sugar – instead, they’re sweetened with fruit and come in 7 different flavours: Strawberry, Blueberry, Vanilla, Raspberry, Banana, Boysenberry, and Mango – so everyone is sure to find one they love. Smiles all round!

The pouches are fully recyclable, so rinse them out and pop them in your local soft plastics recycling bin. You will find Suckies in leading supermarkets nationwide.

Click the images below to print these fun activities ⬇️

The Collective suckies
The Collective suckies
The Collective suckies

Written by Kidspot NZ with information provided by The Collective.

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