Dog Training: 5 Tricks Kids Can Teach Their Dog

If you have a dog, have you taught them some tricks? Why not turn dog training and obedience into a fun activity for both the dog and your child?

Basic dog training and dog obedience is not only important for your beloved pet, it also teaches children responsibility, strengthens the bond between dog and family and keeps both kids and dog busy. Win-win!

One of the world’s best dog trainers, none other than the Dog Whisperer himself, Cesar Millan, says that ideally children should interact with dogs from an early age and that training your pet actually has links to good parenting. He says that dogs, like children, are better when they have boundaries and limits they understand.

Case in point: Henry. This talented dog can play dead, do a high five, twirl and wave, and at the same time has learnt his place in the pecking order of t he household. Check out the dog tricks Henry’s mastered.

And with these easy dog training tips your kids can teach your dog to be as well-behaved as Henry in no time.

Dog training: Teach your dog to sit

The most basic command to tame a rambunctious pooch is “sit”. Arm your kids with doggy treats, and they’ll be happily occupied in their dog training lesson, your dog will adore the attention – and you’ll say goodbye to washing paw prints off everything.

Dog training: Teach your dog to lie down

The next step to a well-trained dog is to teach your dog to lie down. A few minutes daily with your kids and this doggy training session and you’ll soon put this dog trick to bed.

Dog training: Teach your dog to twirl

A twirling dog is a happy dog. Even better, the dog ‘twirling’ trick is easy for kids to teach, and they’ll just love showing off how clever their dog is to their friends, you, and each other.

Dog training: Teach your dog to shake hands

“Shake hands, boy!” Once your kids (and your dog) have the shaking paws trick sorted, they’ll be paw-shaking happening all over the place. It’s also an excellent reminder for your dog that they don’t rule the family pack.

Dog training: Teach your dog to high five

Teaching your dog to high five is a little bit trickier than most dog tricks, but well worth the effort. After a few sessions of kid and dog training (and a few bags of doggy treats), this one will be mastered. Bet the cat can’t do that!

This article was written by Lauren Rowland for Kidspot, New Zealand’s best parenting resource. Sources include the Centre for Companion Animals in the Community (CCAC) and Cesar’s Way.

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