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Discover the magic of freestyle at Bounce Inc! Looking for a great venue for the family to get active and have some freestyle fun together? Bounce Inc offers a range of adventure-challenge features for adrenaline hunters of any age.

Bounce Inc venues have free-jumping areas, foam pits, a wall climb, and X-Run/X-Park courses to develop skills and practise new tricks.

Choose from three venues in Auckland – Takanini, Avondale, or North Shore.

To discover everything on offer, Kidspot sent Serena and her troop along to Bounce Inc North Shore to check it out. Read their review below.

First time visitors

We’re a family of six from Whangarei, and we recently had to make a trip from Whangarei to Hamilton which is a LONG drive with a car full of kids! With four boys aged 4 to 12 years, we were looking for a fun and active way to break up the long and boring car ride which is why we decided to stop in at Bounce Inc. North Shore – and it was totally worth it!

It was our first time visiting Bounce Inc. and from the moment we walked in, the boys’ eyes widened with wonder. The place was HUGE and there was so much to see and do that our kids didn’t know what to try out first!

Something for every age at Bounce Inc

When I had read about the place online, I knew straight away that this was the right place for us to stop at. With four children of a wide range of ages it can be pretty hard to find a place that everyone will love. Usually our youngest ends up feeling left out or sitting on the sidelines while his big brothers get to do cool things, or our older boys get bored while waiting for their younger brothers to “hurry up and finish what they are doing already!” We have been to a different trampoline place before which was pretty cool but Bounce Inc. is amazing! As a parent, I absolutely loved that there was such a big range of amazing things to do here. From trampolines to foam pits, to a specially designated dodgeball area (which my kids loved battling each other with dodgeballs in), a ninja warrior style obstacle course (designed for older children and adults), and for the younger children there was a sectioned off big playground area just for them which was so well thought out (our youngest could have spent hours just in this area alone!). There was also a big rock climbing wall area which was unfortunately closed at the time that we were there while they redid some things on it.

Bounce Inc

The staff there were fantastic as they talked through a few rules as well as health and safety to make sure that everyone enjoyed themselves without getting hurt. We then had one of the staff members offer to show our older children around the areas that were specifically designed for older children and adults and he ended up sticking with us for quite a while as he offered tips and tricks to our 10 and 12-year-old boys on how to conquer different challenges on the ninja obstacle course. It was an awesome personal touch to their service that I really appreciated as it helped our children feel more confident to try new things and give the challenges a go.

Trampolines, ninja warrior-style course, dodgeball, and more!

The trampoline mats were a huge drawcard, and the kids just went for it! Bouncing, flipping, and playing games like dodgeball and shooting hoops. Our youngest (4) was beaming with joy and excitement as he bounced alongside his bigger brothers, while our eldest (12) showed off his ninja skills on the obstacle course. Our 10-year-old and 7-year-old also gave a few obstacles a go and they all loved the challenge. It was right up their alley!

Bounce Inc review

The ninja warrior-style course was a real highlight for our family as our boys are always wanting to push themselves to conquer new challenges. Our 7-year-old especially loved the extra bouncy tramps where he could practice new tricks and flips, and his sense of accomplishment when he finished was priceless. Our 10-year-old, on the other hand, loved the dodgeball area and showed off his impressive throwing skills (much to his brothers’ dismay!). And our 4-year-old (almost 5) loved that there was a special area just for his age that had its own playground and ball pit area with awesome games integrated into it.

We’ll be back!

As parents, it was amazing to see our boys having so much fun while getting some exercise and developing their coordination and balance skills. The staff were friendly, attentive, and ensured everyone’s safety without being too restrictive. We also appreciated the clean and well-maintained facilities, which made for a stress-free experience. We arrived at Bounce Inc. right on opening time and there was only a handful of other children there so it almost felt like we had the place to ourselves. By the end of our hour of fun, quite a few more people had turned up and yet, because of the massive size of the place as well as the huge amount of trampoline mats and other awesome things to do, there was so much space that it didn’t feel crowded at all.

Bounce Inc

There are honestly so many occasions to head to Bounce Inc. We can see why it would be a fantastic place to host a kids’ birthday party, it’s a destination worth travelling for, for all of those out-of-towners like us, and also a great local hangout spot for Aucklanders. Sunny days, rainy days, weekdays and weekends, this is an amazing place that your kids will love and for the adults it’s a great place to either join in with the kids or sit on the sidelines, watching your children while enjoying a bit of a breather. Our boys are already begging to come back and the team at Bounce Inc. will definitely see us again!

Personal highlights of Bounce Inc

  • Our 4-year-old’s infectious giggles as he bounced on the trampolines and jumped into the foam pit.
  • Our 7-year-old’s accomplishing new tricks and skills that he was so proud of.
  • Our 10-year-old’s determination and perseverance on the obstacle course.
  • Our 12-year-old’s impressive ninja skills and encouragement of his younger siblings.
  • ​I could also tell that my husband was itching to join in and try out the ninja course for himself and I have to admit that next time we go I’ll be putting on my bounce socks and joining in with our kids too!

Overall, our experience at Bounce Inc in Auckland was an unforgettable one. We loved the variety of activities, the friendly staff, and the excitement that filled the air. Whether you’re a local or visiting from out of town like us, Bounce Inc is a must-visit destination for families. We can’t wait to come back and do it all again – and again and again!”

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Serena and her family were provided with free passes to Bounce Inc for the purposes of the review. All views are those of the reviewer.

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