Crane Guy | Book Review

Crane Guy is a rhyming picture book by acclaimed author Sally Sutton and illustrator Sarah Wilkins that utilises the classic I Spy concept to make a fun game of learning letters and their sounds. Aria (just turned 5) gave it a test run.

Review: New Ziploc Seal Top Bags

When you hear the word "Ziploc" you know that it's referring to resealable bags. But what you may not realise is that Ziploc is actually a new product to New Zealand - it's just one of those brand names that have become synonymous with the product. To find out if Ziploc products live up to their fame, I tried out a selection of products from the Ziploc range.

Howler Hotdogs Are The Perfect Snack For Little Hands

Lockdown lunches have become a bit same-same now that we’re in week 3 so the opportunity to try something a little bit different came at just the right time. While you usually eat battered hotdogs on a stick at a carnival or somewhere else fun, we decided to bring that magic and excitement into our own home for a change and give Howler Hotdogs a try. Find out what we thought!