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Tucked away in Silverdale you will find Auckland Adventure Park, a family-friendly theme park with plenty to do for all ages and adventure levels. Read Katie’s review as her family have an adventurous day out at the Park.

Into the zone

Our family of four is made up of two parents and two children aged nearly 7 years old and 9 years old. We were so excited about our day out at Auckland Adventure Park that we got there right on opening time of 10am. Friendly staff were on hand to welcome us, and guide us in the direction of the Kid Playzone, as the other parts of the park were not open until 11am.

Auckland Adventure Park rocket ship

Our girls excitedly ran down to the covered Kid Playzone area, they had a quick look at all the rides then decided their first ride would be on the Rocket Ship. They loved that they could use the buttons to move their Rocket Ships up and down as they went round, and it didn’t take them long to go as high as they could.

Next was the Mini Pirate Ship which reminded me of my favourite ride as a kid. It was also a big hit with our girls as it’s just like a big swing. The girls loved putting their hands in the air as they were coming back down from the top.

The last ride in the Kids Playzone area is the Horse Carousel. The kids enjoyed going on all these rides and once they had been with us, they were happy to go on all the rides by themselves, which meant Mum & Dad could sit down and enjoy a coffee from the Café. Also, in the Kids Playzone is one of the largest netted playgrounds that I have seen and according to the girls one of the best they have been on too.

Auckland Adventure Park

Down we go!

Auckland Adventure Park dual zipline

Next up it was time for Dad to have some fun and for Mum to chicken out!

We caught the Parks bus up the hill so we could try out the dual zipline. We were front of the queue but let people go in front of us so the girls could see what it was, and if they wanted to give it ago. They decided they didn’t want to do it and I chickened out too!

My husband was the only brave one and he absolutely loved it and he would have happily gone back and done it again.

My husband waited at the bottom of the hill while the girls and I came down the Luge. This was the first time any of us had done a Luge and we were all a bit nervous! Ella (9) went down the hill by herself, and I went down with Ruby (7).

Auckland Adventure Park - luge

We took it quite slowly, especially around the corners but when we got to the bottom we all had huge smiles on our faces! The girls wanted to do it again and this time Ruby was determined that she wanted to do it all by herself so we caught the bus back up the hill and away we went again. Ella and I went together and we had a lot more confidence so went speeding off down the hill. Poor Ruby got a little stuck at the top and got a bit upset but we were already too far down to help her. The staff however were amazing – they got her, comforted her,  and put her back on the bus down the hill to us.  

Relax and refuel

Auckland Adventure Club - cafe

We decided now was the perfect time to have a break and get something to drink and eat at the Area51 café. My husband and I got a yummy chicken burger and fries and the girls choose one of the kids’ lunch packs from the cabinet. Our burgers came out quickly and the girls really enjoyed their choice of lunch pack. ,

They were then eager to go try out the 4d Motion Cinema which they really enjoyed but then they were quick to go back to the Kids Playzone for the rest of the day.

Katie says

I would happily go back to Auckland Adventure Park again. The lines for the rides are not long, unlike other theme parks. If you just have young ones, you can buy Kid Playzone tickets only. It caters for ages 0-12, under 4’s will need an adult to accompany them on the rides. This area is under cover so on days when there is light rain this space is still usable.

If your kids have outgrown the Kids Playzone area you can get a “Top Zone Pass” for the luge, zipline and bungie, or you can get the Ultimate Pass which includes all areas. Alternatively, you can just purchase tickets for the rides you want to do in the Top Zone. They really do cater for everyone!

The Details

Auckland Adventure Park is located at 2104 East Coast Road, Silverdale and are open Wednesday to Sunday. Check out their Birthday Party Packages and School Holiday Programme.

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Katie and her family were provided with passes to Auckland Adventure Park for the purposes of the review. Views are those of the reviewer.

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