Five Cute April Fools’ Gags To Try With Kids

April Fool’s Day always frightened me a little. The jokes always seemed to be ON someone and a bit mean at times. Notes pinned to people’s backs, elaborate hoaxes, awful tricks on live radio, people being Punk’d*.  Ugh!

SO not fun. Kinda scary, even. I think we can do WAY better than that. I think April Fool’s Day should be less worrying and more happy-making. I’ve come up with five gentle April Fool’s gags to get your family giggling. There are no pinches or punches or punky bits. Really, it should be about cute and clever surprises, shouldn’t it? I think so! Let’s go!

* ( If you EVER see Ashton Kutcher you must RUN for this reason and others!)

Juice or jelly from Word Play House

Juice or jelly? Word Play House have come up with this cute trick your kids will love. Sneakily prepare this ahead of time for a wobbly surprise instead of a regular old glass of juice! Aw, MUM!

French toast ‘French fries’ from Kidspot

French Fries for breakfast? Are you kidding me? I know that my youngest would be totally chuffed to be served some chips and sauce first thing in the morning. These French toast French fries are just the trick for a cheery start to the day. Add some jam for a saucy authenticity! You could even put it in a squeezy bottle for extra LOLs!

Bacon and eggs? from Teach Mama

Hardly a full English but who would not love white chocolate and M&M ‘eggs’ for brekky? The bacon is made from melted Tootsie Rolls, but I am thinking you could experiment with any skinny caramel and chocolate bar. Hilarious and a bit naughty, too. Don’t forget to brush and floss!

Blue milk! Oh no! from Kidspot

One small carton of milk plus a couple of sneaky drops of blue food colouring equals a super surprising bowl of cereal!  I think this one is not just for kids, I mean who wouldn’t want blue milk in their coffee, right?!

Snot in the sugar bowl! from Kidspot

Just for one day, empty the sugar bowl into a jar and refill it with this yicky snot recipe. This is a guaranteed recipe for giggles and gagging, especially good to try on grumpy, sweet-toothed Dads!

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