5 Ways To Snap Out Of A Bad Mood

Many of us are familiar with those days where we’re in a total funk that we can’t shift. The days where it feels like there’s a cloud following us round everywhere, and nothing seems to go right. Although it’s often hard to remember at the time, it is actually possible to snap out of these moods – phew!

Firstly, it’s really important to recognise that it’s you who’s on struggle street (as opposed to the whole world conspiring against you!). This isn’t so that you can beat yourself up about it or get upset at the fact that you’re upset; it’s so that you can take back your power, take control, and take charge of pulling yourself out of the deep emotional pit you’ve found yourself in.

So once you’ve realised that you’re in a bit of a funk, here are five simple, practical things you can do to snap yourself out of it.

1. Get some space & fresh air

Perhaps there’s something in particular in your current environment that’s getting on your nerves; or maybe you can’t quite put your finger on *what* is bothering you. Or maybe it’s just everything! Whichever scenario you’ve found yourself in, a quick change of environment will give you the physical and mental space needed to have a wee breather. Plus, fresh air is always a good idea (after all, that’s why we send the kids out when they’re playing up, right?).

2. Play your favourite music

Whether you’re in the mood for something upbeat and cheerful or something gritty and loud, music is such a powerful tool in shifting your emotions. There are two ways that I find are most effective: playing something that resonates with the mood you want to be in, or playing something that resonates with the mood you’re currently in. The first option helps lift your energy levels and help you get a bit of motivation, the second allows yourself to feel your feels and work through them. Just choose whatever you think will work best for you!


3. Just add water

Whether it’s a shower or a jump in the ocean, water really can help wash your funk away. If you aren’t able to immerse yourself, try sitting by the sea and watching the waves, or splashing some water in your face (or just having a good cry so that you can expel some pent-up energy and move on).

4. Watch some funny videos

Forcing laughter can actually cause you to laugh for real (even if you’re just laughing at how ridiculous your fake laughter is). Making yourself laugh is super hard when you’re feeling a bit off though, so watching funny videos online can go a long way in helping!

5. Do a quick workout

As Elle Woods once said: “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! Happy people don’t kill their husbands.” Because we want to avoid any form of murder, getting your blood pumping (in a constructive way) is a really effective way to release the grumps and lift your mood. Even if it’s just 10 minutes of star jumps, press-ups and squats at home (or playing tag with the kids) – a little is better than nothing.


Her world bunnyWritten by Bunny T

A mama of two who advocates for mental health awareness (yes girl!), Bunny is a badass babe blogging about womanhood, motherhood and the adventures that happen in between. You’ll usually find her exercising (running after kids), partying (drinking coffee) and rocking out (sleeping).

It’s awful feeling awful; but your bad mood doesn’t have to stick around. You got this, mama!

What’s your best tip for breaking out of a bad funk?

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