Just like a honeymoon, the babymoon is all about escaping the day to day, offering a last chance romantic getaway before baby makes three or more. More realistically, for those with tired swollen ankles and a sore back, it’s a little quiet time for parents-to-be to enjoy together. Usually booked for the third trimester, Babymoons can also be taken just after baby has been born, but that’s a whole different story.

As you would when booking an adventure holiday in Kakadu or a cooking school in Tuscany, you need to find the right place for you and your Babymoon, making sure it offers all those little extras you’ll be wanting.

You’ll definitely be needing spa treatments that cater for a mum-to-be, such as pre natal massage, Manis and Pedis (when was the last time you could reach your toes?), as well as a pillow menu to help you get comfortable, and a king sized bed you may never want to leave.

A word of warning: most insurers do not cover birth-related expenses, and many overseas hospitals require payment upfront or may not have adequate facilities. We recommend babymooning in NZ or taking your babymoon before 26 weeks if going overseas.

Here is your guide to taking a babymoon: the hotels, resorts and spas that know just how to look after a mummy+daddy-to-be.

Find a Babymoon in the North Island
Find a Babymoon in the South Island

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