Breathe new life into your wardrobe

How often have you found yourself staring at your (overflowing) wardrobe, exclaiming “I have nothing to wear!”? Find some easy ways to rejuvenate your wardrobe with these eight tricks to get you out of your trackie-daks!

1) Look at your lifestyle

If you’ve flitted from corporate working woman to travelling nomad then back to a job that doesn’t require makeup and heels, your wardrobe is probably suffering from an identity crisis! You might be desperate to hold on to remnants of your past lives, but let’s just leave that to the photos hey? Store, or get rid of, the clothes you don’t currently need to make way for the ones you do.

2) From rags to riches

You don’t have to break the bank to refresh your wardrobe. In fact, you might not have to spend anything at all. Why not use tip 1 above and list your old clothes on trademe or take them to a recycle boutique. You might even nab a bargain while you’re at it.

3) Let’s be honest

There are certain clothing items that at some stage, we all outgrow. Or some things that just don’t suit everyone. Take an honest, objective look at your wardrobe and cull these ‘decoration’ pieces to make way for something you’ll actually use. You could channel some Sex and the City, and get the girlfriends around for some honest second opinions.

4) Shhhh… shapewear

While the above step is all about being ruthless, you don’t have to throw out your favourite dress just because you’re embarrassed of a few wobbly bits. Body shaping granny-panties may be a little controversial, but they do the job and will make that dress look a million times better.

5) One woman’s trash…

You know you’re not the only one looking at your closet in despair. Save your friends from the same fate and organise a clothes swap party. Chuck all the clothes in the middle and let loose… try not to act like made shoppers on Black Friday though, or old clothes won’t be the only thing disappearing from your life!

6) Accessorize

Like a sprinkle of parmesan on top of your pasta, or a dash of mascara on tired eyes, little touches can make a big difference. Accessories can completely change an outfit, whether you’re adding a belt to a favourite jacket or sprucing up a top with a long necklace. Don’t forget your shoes too, as they can be a real feature (and take eyes away from the shirt you already wore this week).

7) Get organised

You may have old gems hiding in your closet that you’ve forgotten about because it’s been so long since you had a cleanout. Making sure you have clear sections for different types of clothes will help you keep an eye on tops you haven’t worn in a while, or pants that could do with another outing.

8) Change your wardrobe with the seasons

Thick jumpers and long woollen tops take up precious space and create clutter in your wardrobe in summer. Store your winter woollies in boxes under the bed until the chilly weather prompts you to pull them out and replace these with your summer shorts and sleeveless tops.

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