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Willa and Woof are back, this time trying to find the perfect solution for kids who don’t have someone to bring to Grandparents’ Day at school.

Willa and Woof 3: Grandparents For Hire is packed with adventure, imagination and loads of fun!

Willa decides to hire an oldie from the retirement village next to her house for her school’s Grandparents’ Day. But things aren’t exactly going to plan. Frank, her best old-age friend, won’t let her borrow him and something strange is going on with her best four-legged friend and trusty sidekick, Woof. She’ll need her most imaginative ideas yet (and the help of Tae, her best same-age friend) to sort everything out in time!

Can Willa make Grandparents’ Day a big success?

Author Jacqueline Harvey is also known for the popular Alice-Miranda, Clementine Rose, and Kensy & Max book series.

Available now online, in-store and as an e-book. The audiobook is coming on 4 April 2023.

Reader review

Willa and Woof review

This book is about a very likeable eight year old girl named Willa, and her dog, Woof. Willa has a hairbrained scheme to hire out grandparents for children who don’t have a Grandparent to take to Grandparents Day. However, she has to convince the ‘grandparents’ and the children that it will really be fun.

Willa and Woof is a very entertaining read. We think it is suitable for a seven or eight year old, as my daughter; aged nine, read and thought it was a teensy bit easy. It provides an easy, but fun read.

Willa is a lovely character, it is a pleasure to read about her and her plots. She is a thoughtful, caring child, thinking about others. The book has been read by multiple children throughout the holidays and enjoyed by all!

The pictures suit the style of the book, and add to the overall enjoyment. Jacqueline Harvey is an excellent author, she writes lots of books that are very well liked by my older children.

Willa and Woof is an fun read for both boys and girls with enough fun to be funny and enough depth to challenge and create discussion about grandparents, grandchildren and the place they have in each other’s lives.

We give a 4 star rating. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

– Mum Jess and her 9 year old reader

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