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toddler health
toddler health

From chicken pox to teaching them about hygiene and caring for little teeth, find everything you need to help keep up with your toddlers health.

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chicken pox

All about chicken pox

Chickenpox is a contagious disease that can lead to scarring, pneumonia, meningitis and in adulthood, shingles. Find more information on ...
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tummy probiotics

The bacteria your kids need for good immunity

Having high levels of good bacteria (gut flora) in the digestive system is essential for building a strong immune system ...
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Weleda Kids 2 in 1

Natural bath time fun for big kids and personality types

Kids will love the new convenient Weleda Kids 2in1 Shampoo & Body Wash that gently cleanses skin and hair while being mild on the eyes ...
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What a Serve of Food Means for a Toddler

Grab our free printable below to see precisely what a serve of food means for a toddler ...
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Sugar and my child

Often the major source energy in children's diet comes from carbohydrates, which includes sugars and starches ...
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Dummy dilemmas

Is a dummy right for you?

Using a dummy or a pacifier for your baby has positive and negative aspects. Read ...
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Prebiotics for toddlers

Prebiotics and kids health

What you need to know about giving your kids prebiotics for their health ...
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Glue ear and grommets

Find out about glue ear and grommets and how to ensure your child is getting ...
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Kids headphone safety

Headphone safety for kids

Headphones are linked with hearing loss in kids, research has shown. Find out about safe ...
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toddler eyes

Your toddler’s eye development

There is much fine-tuning of the eye muscle and nerve connections that continues throughout childhood ...
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toddler exercise

Is My Toddler Getting Enough Exercise?

Toddlers need a minimum of three hours exercise a day, while school-aged children should have ...
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toddler eating

Encouraging your toddler to eat

Encouraging a toddler to eat a full meal can be tricky and messy! Read our ...
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Keeping pre-schoolers safe around water

A new partnership between YMCA Auckland, Plunket Auckland, and Auckland Council is offering half price ...
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