Natural bath time fun for big kids and personality types

Providing natural bath time fun for little grown-ups (aged 3 to 10 years), the new, convenient Weleda Kids 2in1 Shampoo & Body Wash, gently cleanses skin and hair while being mild on the eyes.

Developed with kids, for kids, these natural cleansers do not dry out skin and come in three kid-friendly fragrances, Mighty Mint, Lively Lime and Happy Orange.

Packaged in playful bright colours using fun aquatic animals, these Kids 2in1 products are NATRUE-certified natural, cruelty free, with no synthetic detergents, preservatives, fragrances or colours, no GMOs or mineral oils. Skin, eco and vegan friendly, perfect for big kids!

The inspiration behind the selection of the fragrance concept and the aquatic animals of the Weleda Kids 2in1 Shampoo & Body Washes was the four human temperaments, which originate from Hippocrates’ (460-370 BC) teachings on humours.

Rudolf Steiner adopted them as a non-scientific model of personality, first mentioning them in 1892 and introducing them as a basic element for the teaching staff when he founded the Waldorf School in 1919. In Waldorf educational theory in particular, it is an instrument that can be used to support the development of children by closely examining the child’s spiritual properties. The aim is not to discourage the children’s temperaments or change their personalities, but to help them develop.

Which temperament best describes your big kid?

The melancholy temperament – analytical, wise and quiet.
Experiences and encounters have a lasting impact, a child may cry in the evening because of an encounter or incident in the morning. As a child, they often feel misunderstood and unacknowledged, particularly if the parents have a different temperament. They are likely to become pensive, serious and able to empathise positively.

The choleric temperament – short tempered, fast or irritable.
Initiative, idealism and endurance, they like the truth, are enthusiastic and punctual. Easily riled, quick tempered, if something does not go according to plan, they maybe demanding or rarely listens to reason and doesn’t allow themselves to be helped, often dominates (classroom) discussions. But they are quick to forget anger or unhappiness, once expressed. Actively help other children and redresses mistakes.

This is the inspiration behind Weleda Kids 2in1 Happy Orange with Seal.

The phlegmatic temperament – relaxed and peaceful.
Recognisable from eyes full of wonder with which the child views the world and the calm and cheerful manner they maintain amid the hustle and bustle. As long as there’s something to eat, all is right in the world. Has the ability to remain serene in stressful situations and has a calming effect on others. Loyal and tranquil they have a fondness for routine, so dislikes change and can take quite some time to accept it.

This is the inspiration behind Weleda Kids 2in1 Lively Lime with Hippo.

The sanguine temperament – enthusiastic, active and social.
Happy when able to communicate and very sociable. Interested in everything and always open to new things, often not very tenacious. They are not very interested in standards and rules, and are not vindictive. Always on the move, these kids tend overexert themselves when younger, so need an afternoon nap and plentiful sleep at night. Popular with almost everybody, as these children are always fun to be around.

This is the inspiration behind Weleda Kids 2in1 Mighty Mint with Polar Bear.

About Weleda

Weleda is the pioneer and world’s leading manufacturer of certified natural organic cosmetics and one of the best known providers of anthroposophic pharmaceuticals. Founded by the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in 1921, we follow his principles still today. Our portfolio comprises over one hundred, NATRUE certified natural organic skincare and body care products, all developed with the highest quality ingredients and based on our unique understanding of people and nature.

This article was written with information supplied by Weleda

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