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baby development

Baby’s First Year: Development and Milestones

Follow your baby's development with our guides to the emotional and social, physical, speech and language, and communication milestones you ...
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Lego Toy Story

Why I Still Love Toy Story

The Toy Story movies are not just cinematic genius. They also represent an important connection that I share with my ...
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LEGO toy story

Mum, Come and Play!

Playing with your child is important for their development and also to aid in building strong bonds between you ...
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Understanding Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex disorder which causes problems with the development of social and communication ...
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7 tools that will get your child to listen to you

Parenting coach, Heather Lindsay, shares seven language keys to help influence children to listen better and cooperate ...
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Swimming Lessons Save Lives

Swimming lessons are an important part of water safety. Find out why learning to swim is the best way to ...
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performing arts

Choosing A Performing Arts Class For Your Child

Do you have a little singing, acting or musical star? Learn how to pick drama, music or singing lessons and ...
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music lessons

Music lessons for kids

Music lessons can aid the educational development of a child but Kidspot reveals the best time to start learning a ...
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secondary nocturnal enuresis

Secondary nocturnal enuresis

If your child suddenly starts wetting the bed again after being dry for at least six consecutive months, then they ...
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Starting childcare

10 Tips To Survive Their First Day Of Childcare

10 tips for you to survive your child’s first days at childcare. You know, it is OK to cry! ...
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toddler milestones

Toddler development milestones

All toddlers develop in their own time and milestones are only a guide. Follow your toddler's developmental milestones ...
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Child development

Child development milestones

Development in babies and children can be broken into four parts – physical, social, cognitive and emotional development. You know ...
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Child growth

What is a normal growth rate?

Height and growth vary widely and height predictor charts and growth charts allow you to know that your child's growth ...
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Toddler development

Does your child need speech therapy?

Speech therapy is sometimes needed when your child's speech development is delayed. Find out if your child needs to see ...
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The pre-handwriting skills your preschooler needs

One of the first things our children learn at school is how to write, but there's no need to wait ...
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2 – 3 years social and emotional development

Discover how your toddler is developing socially and emotionally and get tips on how you can encourage your child's development ...
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Buying your toddler shoes

Buying your toddler shoes

Your child's feet are still developing bones so it’s very important that she wear properly fitted and appropriate footwear. Find ...
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