Choosing A Performing Arts Class For Your Child

Struggling to think of a fun extra-curricular activity for your child? Why not build up their confidence with a creative class such as music, drama or singing?

Finding a class

First off the bat is to talk to them about what creative lesson they prefer. Are the often humming or singing under their breath? Talk to them about whether they want to sing. Are they obsessed with games such as Guitar Hero? You may have a future rock star on your hands. Or does every day seem to be a theatrical performance? Well, watch out Sandra Bullock! And if they show an interest in drama, music AND singing classes –  you may have a triple threat in the family!

To get an idea of what classes are in your area, check out the Kidspot Directory to get an idea of what drama, music or singing lessons are near you.

Ask around

The best way to get solid feedback and comparisons of different class styles is to ask around with other parents. There are guaranteed to be a bevy of kids who are interested (and enrolled in) creative classes such as drama, music and singing. Or, if you prefer a quiet chat online, drop a message to Kidspot on Facebook to get parent-friendly advice and recommendations. Make sure you put in a call to any potential creative programs and ask them questions about their classes – and whether they are right for your child.

Finding the right venue

In the case of creative lessons, it is a good idea to look at the calibre of classes around, and depending on the outcome you want for your child, go with the most recommended. You may have to travel a bit further to take your child to their drama, music or singing class, but the investment will be worth it.

That being said, each class or lesson shouldn’t require a cross-city drive, so do make comparisons with local reputed music, drama or singing classes and weigh up the differences. And if your chosen creative after school activity is more of a pastime than a passion, just choose any local class that your little performer feels the most comfortable in.

When you’ve narrowed down between drama, singing or music lessons (or picked all three classes) and located a good program, make sure you have a quick look at an actual class – without your child. This allows you to have a proper and honest look at how the classes are run before your child falls in love with that particular venue or company.

Keep your eyes peeled for a few indicators of a good creative class. Does the studio/stage/venue seem well kept? Are the bathrooms clean? Are the children in the lesson enjoying themselves and look confident, or do they seem a little nervous? How large is the class? If there are too many children per lesson, your child may get less attention than in a smaller creative class.

Does the teacher or tutor handle the children well, and conduct the class in a warm, friendly manner? It is important that any singing, music or drama students feel comfortable with both their teacher and performing in class – keep in mind there may be a drama performance, or singing or music recital in the future, so you need the least stressful environment possible to build new performers up to that.

Adding up costs

Okay, so you’ve found a music lesson, or drama or singing class that you (and your child) like. Before you put any money down, ask if your child can sit in on a class for free. Many classes offer a trial period of one or two lessons, so you can gauge whether its the right fit. Get them to be very transparent about prices. Do you need to invest in extra equipment? This is almost guaranteed in music classes, but drama and singing may also require microphones, sheet music and performances. Once you get an idea of the final price and are okay with that, book in your future superstar and get ready to watch them shine!

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