Colour breakdown experiment

Colour breakdown experiment

Science experiments are fun to do and a great way for children to learn. Children will enjoy spending time colouring and seeing what happens to the colour when placed in water with this experiment.

What you need:

  • Water
  • Baking dish
  • Blotting paper (tissue paper or anything that absorbs water can substitute)
  • Coloured felts

Number of players:


Fill the baking dish with water.

Using a coloured felt, draw a circle on the bottom of the blotting paper about 2-3cm from the bottom edge of the paper. Get your child to colour the circle in. Repeat this using different coloured textas.

Hold the top end of your paper up with one hand and place the bottom edge of the paper into the water (making sure that the coloured circles do not touch the water).

Hold the paper there for a few minutes so that the blotting paper can absorb the water.

Remove the paper from the water and lie it on the table for observation.

Keep an eye on the felt circles that you drew to see what happens as the water travels up the blotting paper and reaches your circles.

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