Make A Garden Composter

Make a garden composter

Kids are all about helping the environment so why not enjoy working on a project together in the garden! By building this easy and simple garden composter you and your kids will help create good soil which will grown happy and healthy plants.

What you need:

  • large plastic rubbish bin with lid
  • utility knife
  • hammer
  • nail
  • food scraps, garden waste and dry brown material like egg cartons, straw, dry leaves

Number of players:


Use the hammer and nail (or a screw and drill) to punch about 15-20 holes in a circle around the bucket. Punch about 10-15 holes in the lid and some in the bottom (going from the inside out to allow the moisture to drain).

Fill the bin with food scraps and garden cuttings and let it slowly decompose. Put the lid on tight and turn and shake the bucket regularly.

Over time the materials will turn into rich fertiliser for you to spread on your garden beds. You can collect the ‘juice’ that is leaking out and water plants with it too!

Not only will the kids love this project, the plants will love the results.

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