Inspo For Updating Your Tween’s Bedroom

The ‘tween’ period, where the transformation from childhood into a full blown teenager is when your child starts to express their own identity. They start to develop their ‘look’ through experimenting with hair, makeup, and clothes so it’s a great time to give their bedroom a makeover too.

Many tweens spend a lot of time in their room – it’s almost as if they disappear in there sometime during tweenhood and finally emerge a few years later a new person! As they are going to be spending a lot of time in there as they undergo their transformation, it’s important that their room is fit for purpose.

There are some key things to consider when giving your tweens room a makeover.

Taking stock

Before you start, consult your tween. Some tweens have very definite ideas about how their room should look. They see it as part of their emerging identity and also an important back drop to their social media selfies! Other tweens might have some functional needs but beyond that are happy to let you do the design work.

Consider the furniture you will need. Will a single bed fit your growing child or is now the time to treat them to a bigger one? Will they use a desk for school work and gaming or as a dumping ground? Are they likely to put things in drawers and hang things up or would things like hooks or baskets for washing, rubbish, the inevitable used dishes, shoes, and jerseys make it more likely that they don’t end up storing everything on the floor?!

Do they have hobbies that require particular storage?

Now is the time to work out what you have that can be repurposed or can stay. Have a good clean out of what’s in their room now so you have a fresh start. Keep the treasures elsewhere but get rid of everything that is not used including toys, old school books, children’s books, soft toys and clothes they have grown out of or don’t ever wear.

Now comes the fun bit!

Inspo that suits

There are so many fantastic decor ideas available at really good prices. Tweens can be so busy with school, sport, hobbies, and socialising, so designing a space that is restful and practical is the goal.

Check out these great design ideas for some inspiration.

Calm chic

Start with white walls and and add black accessories then a pop of one colour. Black and white remains popular because it works so well together and then you can change out the accessories from time to time as an inexpensive way to update the room as your tween turns into a teen.

Photo wall

An important part of tweenhood is friends. Tweens love to display photos of fun times, as well as their pets. A simple way is to arrange photos in a pattern on the wall, and add lights, bunting or tassles for extra effect.

Homage to the hobby

If your tween has a hobby, enabling safe storage of their most likely expensive gear is a good option. A basket for balls, shelves for LEGO® creations or hooks for guitars and skateboards create a funky feature while also being functional.

Light it up

Lighting can define the feeling and ambiance of the room and with such a huge range of fairy, seed, string, wall, free standing, strip and even neon the possibilities are endless. You might like to buy a timer so the lights aren’t left on 24/7!


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Having plants in a room adds a sense of peace. If you don’t think they will survive the tween fug, artificial plants can create the same ambiance.


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Adding some texture to a room adds a hint of luxury whether its a wall decal, a macrame wall hanging, a funky rug or even a DIY accent wall.

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