6 Party Food Treats For Kids Birthdays

There’s a lot to sort out when you’re planning your child’s birthday party but getting the food right is a priority! We consulted the fiercest critics* and can now share with you the top six birthday party treats. (*kids)

Delicious and easy, these top party treats are guaranteed to be a huge success!

1. Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Cookie Monster cupcakes

Cute and super easy, these Cookie Monster Cupcakes are perfect party food. Using a simple vanilla cupcake recipe (or your favourite), and blue butter icing, plus chocolate chip cookies, marshmallow and a wee bit of black icing, you can bring the Cookie Monster to your party!

Top tip – if you don’t want to pipe the fur, just pop a blob on and rough it up with a knife. You can make the eyes with black icing, or cut some licorice to shape.

How to make Cookie Monster Cupcakes

2. Fluffy Egg-free Marshmallow Cones

Fluffy egg-free marshmallow cones

Fun take on ice-cream cones without the melty mess! It’s easy to colour the marshmallow to match your party theme.

How to make marshmallow cones

3. Tiny Teddy Cars

Tiny Teddy Cars

Ready. Set. Go!

There’s no need to cook with these Tiny Teddy Cars – just assemble using bits you can get from the supermarket! Maximum effect for minimus fuss is what we like.

Serve the cars on a plate, or for extra fun draw a racetrack on a paper runner down the centre of the party table.

How to make Tiny Teddy Cars

4. Fairy Bread

Fairy Bread

An all time classic, Fairy Bread is so simple to make. The only trick is that the bread can quickly dry out, especially in summer, so it’s best to make it just before it’s needed.

To change it up, you could use a chocolate and hazelnut spread instead of butter, or use another sort of sprinkle. If you have some cookie cutters, instead of cutting into the classic triangles, you could use them to create fun shapes.

How to make fairy bread

5. Mini Pita Pizzas

Pita Pizza

Make your own Mini Pita Pizzas and top with the kids favourite toppings – we all know pineapple DOES go on pizza!

You could get a range of toppings ready and get the kids to make their own to taste. Top tip – good old tomato sauce might be more popular for the tomato layer as it’s a bit sweeter. Also the kids will find it easier to spread the tomato layer with the back of a teaspoon rather than a knife.

How to make mini pita pizzas

6. Jelly Boats

Jelly Boats

This one requires a bit of pre-planning, but the novelty factor is well worth it!

These Jelly Boats are made  in orange halves, with any flavour of jelly you like. Cut the oranges vertically not horizontally as this makes getting the flesh out with a spoon easier (use the spoon with the thinnest edge).

You can make a delicious orange cake with the leftover flesh.

How to make Jelly Boats

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