Birthday party idea: hanging donuts and biscuits game


This colourful idea is perfect for a rainbow themed party, and recreates a fun game which is a twist on apple bobbing. To prepare this project, it’s best to make the hanging streamers the day before or morning of the party so the food doesn’t get too stale.

To make hanging donuts and biscuits, you’ll need:

  • Colourful crepe-paper streamers (try any discount store)
  • Biscuits – 100s and 1000s are nice and colourful!
  • Mini iced donuts
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Chopping board

donut biscuit game







donut biscuit game 2


How to make the hanging biscuits for the party game:

  • Place the tip of a sharp knife into the centre of a biscuit.
  • Twist the knife around gently until it starts to cut through the biscuit, leaving a small round hole.
  • Tie some string through the biscuit or donut hole.
  • Now tie the string with biscuits and donuts attached to the branches of the tree. Alternatively, tie the string in the branches first amongst the streamers and just before game time tie the donuts and biscuits to the ends of the string.

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