Sparkle Birthday Party Theme

Who doesn’t love a bit of bling?! Perfect for everyone who loves everything sparkly, shiny, and shimmering – this sparkle party theme is fun and oh-so glittery.

Sparkle party theme invitations

Print out a plain invitation with a big blank space for the recipient’s name. Use a thin nozzled glue stick and write the name in glue then sprinkle with glitter before it sets. Shake off excess glitter into a glitter bowl. You could also use a glitter glue pen or metallic shimmery pen – anything with a little sparkle (you can even get ready-made glitter letter stickers from Spotlight)! Place in an envelope and sprinkle in a few small sequins and send off!

Sparkle party theme costume ideas

This is where those $2 shop costumes are gold: glitter hats, sequinned ties and bow ties, sequinned fedoras and gloves … but there are some other homemade ways to get a little glittery. Hot glue gun some sequins onto a plain T-shirt – randomly or in the shape of the birthday child’s new age. Pair with a glitter ribbon or string of sequins as a belt and some shimmery ballet flats. Too easy!

Sparkle party theme decorations

  • Grab some small mosaic mirror tiles from the local craft or $2 shop. Remove the sticky-back covers and stick the backs together, sandwiching a piece of fishing wire inbetween. Affix more tiles to the wire and hang vertically around the room for a light-reflecting sparkle. They also look great stuck on the wall with a little Blu-Tak (or removable 3M tape with the stick-back covers in place still so you can reuse).
  • With some thickish cardboard, cut out big block letters of the birthday girl’s name and then decorate each letter a different way: cover one in sequins, one in foil, one in glitter, one in small mirrored tiles, or metallic paint. Then stick on the wall or hang from the ceiling. Would also work with the words “Happy birthday”.
  • Make sparkly garlands out of glittery ribbon, strings of sequins or foil paper cut into a fringe.

Sparkle party activities and birthday party games

  • Cover tiny artist canvases in silver foil and arm the kids with metallic and pearl paints to make their own sparkly pictures.
  • Have a disco party complete with a mirror ball and fairy lights in a darkened room.
  • Make a sparkly pinata – make this very special piñata.
  • Make your own crowns or tiaras – grab some ready-made cardboard crowns (from craft shops) or make your own tiara-shaped ones from thin cardboard. In a muffin tray, place all things glittery – little jewels, beads, sequins, glitter, feathers etc – and have the guests get creative on their own crowns.
  • DIY star wand – cut some thin cardboard into star shapes, let the guests paint with glue then sprinkle glitter onto the glue (give them two stars each). Stick the wrong sides of the stars together with a piece of dowel or wooden skewer (point removed) in between. A messy job, so best done outside!

Sparkle party food ideas

Sparkle party take-home party bag ideas

The kids can take home their crafts and pair them with a homemade giant sparkle freckle. Melt some chocolate in a bowl over simmering water. Once melted, swirl into a circle on a piece of baking paper and sprinkle with silver balls. Set in the fridge.

Written by Kidspot Australia and adapted by Kidspot NZ

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