Adventure Birthday Party Theme

A mysterious blank letter, a treasure hunt, survival skills … think Bear Grylls and Treasure Island mixed together for this adventure party theme that every little explorer will love.

Adventure party theme invitations

Invisible ink invites will most definitely set the scene. Write – or have your child write – the invite, then hand-deliver it in a bottle to party guests for a bit of mysterious fun. Attach a little tag to the bottle that reads “iron me and all will be revealed”.

Adventure party theme costume ideas

An all-weather vest, sturdy shoes, and hat should do the trick of an adventurer costume. If you really want to look the part, you can also add a compass, pretend pocket knife, and a backpack!

Adventure party theme decorations

  • Photocopy a range of world maps from atlases or print them off the internet – old and new ones – and cover a wall with the maps or make buntings out of them.
  • Hang plastic snakes in surprising places and spiders on strings through a doorway.
  • Make shelters from large branches and sheets or follow our step-by-step guide to make a teepee.

Adventure party activities and birthday party games

  • Brave the goo pit: Make up a bucket of slime (or even jelly!) and hide something in there. The child has to be blindfolded and sort through the goo to find the prize.
  • Go on a treasure hunt. Make a map of your yard, or nearby park, and bury some treasure where X marks the spot on the map. Hide some goodies in the spot and have some decoys to send the kids on a bit of a chase to find the real treasure – for example, leave a clue in a spot marked with X.
  • Shelter challenge: Divide the party guests into two groups and give them the challenge of creating a shelter out of various items – give them some branches, some string or rope, leaves, a tarp, and anything else you think they may be able to use. Give them a certain amount of time to build it in and watch their imaginations go to work.
  • Dig for buried treasure.
  • Write a mystery letter in a bottle: Just like the invisible ink invitations, have a table set up with a heap of paper, lemon juice, and cotton tips. Kids can draw a picture or write a note to their parents, who’ll have to earn the right to view the mystery image by ironing over it at home. The offerings can also be placed in a bottle (a juice or small soft-drink bottle) and hand-delivered to parents.
  • Adventure walk: Grab some magnifying glasses, a compass, binoculars, and an adult, then head off into the wild (even your backyard will do!). Get the kids to work out what direction you’re headed in, according to the compass, and ask them questions about the bugs they see in the garden and what patterns you can see on the leaves under a magnifying glass.

Adventure party food ideas

Adventure party take-home party bag ideas

Get some chest-shaped cake or noodle boxes (try Lincraft or Spotlight), decorate and fill these with gold coins as party favours. Kids will also have their mystery letters to take home.

Written by Kidspot Australia and adapted by Kidspot NZ

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