Superhero Birthday Party Theme

There’s something about a cape and the thought of magical superpowers that never goes out of style for a birthday party.

Regardless of which superhero the birthday child is currently admiring, indulge their inner “hero” and throw them a superhero party to show them how special they really are.

Superhero party theme invitations

To make your own invitations, you could ask your child to draw and colour in a symbol with the initial of each child they wish to invite to their party as the main image on the invitation. Try lightning bolts, stars, shields, geometric shapes, comic-book starbursts, etc. Comic-book speech bubbles are good for including written details.

If you’re creating an invite online, look for bright and bold colours and comic-book styling. Sites like Canva, Picmonkey or Adobe offer a selection of free and customisable design options.

Superhero birthday party theme costume ideas

You really can’t go past a cape and mask! Personalise the costume for your child and if you’re not handy with a sewing machine, we have a no-sew superhero cape activity for you.

Superhero birthday party theme decorations

  • Stick a large piece of paper on the wall and draw on a city skyline background – then have the kids pose against the wall and take photos. Voila! Your own digital photobooth party decoration.
  • Make a bunting from comic book pages and hang around the walls.
  • Create ‘wanted’ posters with photos of your superhero’s villains, such as The Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, Kryptonite etc.
  • Make paper boats from comic book pages and use as containers to serve small lollies.
  • Cut out lightning bolts and word bubbles like you would see in comic books and stick on the wall with favourite quotes or sayings from superheroes.
  • Use your child’s superhero toys as the table centrepiece or for guests to play with.
  • Hang a sign on the front door that says, “Welcome to Metropolis” or “Welcome to Gotham City”, or wherever your favourite superhero lives.
  • Tie balloons to your mailbox, tree, or car antenna in your superhero’s colours to alert guests of your party location.
  • Take a picture of your child in their superhero costume and have a local bakery use digital technology to turn the picture into icing and lay it over your child’s favourite cake flavour.

Superhero party theme activities and birthday party games

  • Photobooth with a difference – Lay out props on the ground so the children can lie on the floor and look as though they’re flying, leaping over a building (drawn on cardboard or made from various boxes covered in paper with windows and doors) or throwing rocks. Snap a picture from above so they have a memento of the day they had superpowers at your child’s birthday party.
  • Superhero torch signaller – Save paper towel rolls to make these superhero signallers which kids can shine a torch through to cast their very own superhero symbol onto a wall or fence. A good one for sleepover parties.
  • Balloon bombs – Blow up a bunch of balloons to cover the floor and let them jump on them to burst them, or ‘detonate’. Loud, but fun. Another option is to tie each balloon to a child’s ankle with a piece of string and everyone tries to pop each other’s balloons – last one standing wins.
  • Superhero chasey – A variation on bullrush.

Superhero party food ideas

Superhero theme take-home party bag ideas

  • Make your own lolly bags by buying coloured paper bags or cups and place superhero stickers on them with each child’s name. Tie off each party bag with ribbons that match the colour of your favourite superhero’s outfit. Fill the party bags with superhero stickers, small figurines, superhero torch signallers (see above), etc.
  • Buy inexpensive capes, or make your own using rectangles of cloth. Hang a cape from the back of each guest’s chair before the party. If your guests wish, they can wear their capes during the party and take them home afterwards.

Written by Kidspot Australia and adapted by Kidspot NZ

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