Superhero chasey

Superhero chasey

This is a great party game that all children will love as they play outdoors. There is lots of running and laughing involved!



Mark two lines in the grass or play area, at least 15 metres apart.

Pick one player to be Superman, and have him stand in the middle of the play area between the two lines.

The other players are the “bad guys,” and they should stand behind one of the lines.

To start, Superman yells, “Up, up, and away!”

All of the bad guys must try to run through the play area and across the other line without being tagged by Superman.

If Superman tags a bad guy, that child is caught and must hold hands with Superman during the next round.

As more players are caught, they join hands with Superman, extending his reach.

Play continues until only one player is left.

That player gets to be Superman for the next round.

Play as many rounds as desired.

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