How to Create an At-home Craft Corner

There are many benefits to your child doing art and craft. Having a dedicated space for this at home is a great way to encourage them to create whenever the urge takes them.

We know that being creative is good for our children, but if we’re honest, sometimes the time that we put in to setting them up with some craft items and then tidying up afterwards, far exceeds the time they actually spend crafting.

Creating a dedicated craft corner at home means your child can have easy access to their creative supplies, while also confining the ‘mess’ to one place.

Benefits of being creative

Art and craft activities play an important role in your child’s development. They help develop fine motor skills, encourage experimentation, facilitate learning of colours, numbers, and textures, to name just a few.

Young children tend to only have short attention spans and so their creative urge may only last a short time. Having their art supplies ready and waiting means they can create whenever inspiration hits.

Here are some key things to incorporate in a creative corner at your place.

Accessible and robust

Even though you are hoping to encourage your child to develop their sense of creativity and imagination, they will still want to be near you. A space near the kitchen is ideal.

If you are choosing furniture, choose a sturdy, child-sized table and chairs with surfaces that can withstand pen, crayons and paint.

Another useful accessory for a craft corner is an easel. This is often easier for small children to draw and paint on as they don’t need to lean across the paper or hold the paper still. If you are buying one, look for one that has holes for containers – this eliminates paint being knocked over and crayons rolling off.

Put a thick, washable mat or an old mat on the floor and leave space for your child to create on the floor too.

Choose quality supplies

Spend your money wisely. Crayons that don’t actually work well, felt tips that dry out, and pencils that split when sharpened are all frustrating for the artist.

Being able to craft something that they can then use is really rewarding for children too.

A place for everything

Although kids tend to make an almighty mess, they actually prefer a tidy space to get started in. Make use of shoe boxes, takeaway and ice-cream containers to store craft supplies and pop them on a bookshelf. Plastic drawers are great for storing paper and other craft supplies. Don’t forget a rubbish bin!

Art gallery

Make a space on the wall to display their creations – this could be as simple as a string between two hooks that you peg pictures to.


Don’t put all the art supplies out at once. Pop some away in a cupboard and bring them out when new inspiration is required.

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