How to encourage your toddler’s development through play

Being a toddler is hard work. They are developing rapidly and one of the primary ways they learn at this age is through play.

As they move through the toddler phase their play develops and changes and they will start to spend a lot of time engaged in role playing.

It’s a phase

Your toddler will have already gone through a range of developmental phases. They will have been working on developing their eye-hand coordination through reaching, grasping and learning to hold things. They love to repeat the same action and to put things in and out of containers – and into their mouth. As they get older they start to learn about cause and effect and like to make things happen – pushing a button and watching a toy pop up will be a favourite. They will also have been learning to pick up small things, point and ask questions.

Toddler development

As your baby becomes a toddler they will focus on working out how things go together and how they can make things work and then your older toddler will go from primarily being a solo problem solver to being a much more active, social, imaginative, and creative little person.

The importance of role play

From around 18 months you will notice your toddler will start doing pretend or role playing. They think they are just having fun but in fact they are developing a whole range of skills. As they act out scenarios they are developing their:

  • creativity and imagination
  • problem solving
  • empathy, emotional development and social skills
  • communication and language
  • physical development

Through role play, they also develop confidence and a sense of freedom as they pretend to be anything or anyone they like.

little tikes

Supporting your child’s development

There are many ways you can support all aspects of your toddler’s development through play. They are working out how things work and how they fit in to the world around them, and learning at an incredibly rapid rate.

Choose carefully

Toys that do everything don’t allow experimentation, discovery and imagination. You can help spark pretend play by providing some toys that help get them started.

Little Tikes pride themselves on being experts in letting kids dream big! Little Tikes products are known for providing durable, imaginative and active fun in a wide variety of toys, including sports, ride-on’s, sandboxes, sand and water play, climbing frames, slides, playhouses, and more. The best part is that as your family grows, the hours of creative fun Little Tikes provides can grow with you.

Enhance their play

Add to your child’s play rather than dictating it. You might need to get them started by letting them choose what to play with and then add on to what they are doing. Or create a fun scenario using the props you have available to you and then let them take over.

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