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Discover The Magic Faraway Tree: A New Adventure and explore the amazing lands it can lead to in an irresistible new story by bestselling author Jacqueline Wilson.

Milo, Mia and Birdy are on a countryside holiday when they wander into an Enchanted Wood. Among the whispering leaves, there is a beautiful tree that stands high above the rest. The Magic Faraway Tree is home to many remarkable creatures including a fairy called Silky, her best friend Moonface and more.

Little Birdy is only too happy to find that fairies are real. Even her older brother and sister are soon won over by the magic of the Faraway Tree and the extraordinary places they discover above it, including the Land of Unicorns. But not every land is so much fun. Danger looms in the Land of Dragons. Will Moonface’s magic work in time to save the children?

Inspired by Enid Blyton

Jacqueline Wilson has been writing since she was 9 years old. She is one of Britain’s best-selling and most beloved children’s authors.

The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton was Jacqueline’s own favourite book as a very young child. She is delighted to revisit this glorious magical world, weaving a brand-new story perfect for the next generation of young readers.


Ciara and her mum Natasha review

Ciara says …

The Magic Faraway Tree - Ciara's review
The Magic Faraway Tree - Ciaras drawing

“I really enjoyed reading The Magic Faraway Tree. It is about 3 kids who go to spend their summer in the country and they find a magic tree. I love Birdy – she is my favourite and I love how she believes in magic.

When I read the book it made me excited and made me feel like there may be a magic tree in the world.

I would recommend this book to anyone who believes in magic and fairies”

Ciara reading The Magic Faraway Tree

Ciara’s mum Natasha agrees

“This book was magical right from the beginning as some books take a while to pull you in but she loved it right from the first page and I knew how much she enjoyed it as she carried on reading it whenever she got a chance.

Whilst reading The Magic Faraway Tree, Ciara said her favourite character was Birdie as I think she loved that she still believed in fairies when no one else did (at the start). Straight away she didn’t doubt that she saw a fairy when she first meets Silkie but she also loved that Milo and Mia got to experience all the adventures with her.

Moonface was also a favourite especially as he made it fun for when the baby animals came to visit and he had the best way to get out of the tree.”

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Written by Kidspot NZ with information supplied by Hachette. The reviewer was provided with a copy of the book for the purposes of the review. Views are those of the reviewer.

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