New Book | You Don’t Have To Be Loud – A Quiet Kid’s Guide To Being Heard

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Do you sense that sometimes your child feels afraid of talking in front of people, making a mistake or saying the wrong thing while everywhere else you look there are loud, confident people?

Targeted a tthe 9-11 year age group, You Don’t Have to be Loud – A Quiet Kid’s Guide to Being Heard by Ben Brooks is a shy kid’s guide to thriving in their own (quiet) way.

A shy kids guide

You Don’t Have to be Loud focuses on an important topic that has not really been examined before. The message is that inclusivity and diversity are important – and that being shy/quiet/introverted can be a positive thing.

In the book, your shy introverted child will also meet some famous, talented and brilliant shy people – including Charles Darwin, David Bowie, Greta Thunberg, Rosa Parks, Beyonce, and Emma Watson – who used their special quietness to achieve awesome things.

Ben also shares tips for growing up shy in a world that can sometimes feel, well, LOUD.

You don’t have to be loud to be liked, and you definitely don’t have to be loud to make an impact.

Meet Ben

Ben Brooks also grew up as a shy child (so much so that he’d rather have cut his own hair or spend a week at a Silent Retreat than have to speak to other people). But he soon realised that being quiet doesn’t make you strange or wrong or boring.

Shy kids often have great innate skills – listening, creativity, kindness, compassion and problem-solving – so being shy or quiet is not something to ‘outgrow’ but something to embrace and be proud of.

Around 60% of adults identify as ‘shy’ –  just one of the facts that Ben uses to ‘normalise’ shyness.

Ben Brooks is also the author of the well respected Not All Heroes Wear Capes, and the phenomenally successful Boys Who Dare … series.

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