30 Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day – Without YOU Lifting A Finger

Forget cold tea and burnt toast, leave this handy list lying around where your partner or older kids can find it and – hey presto! – a Mother’s Day you can sit back and enjoy.

When it comes to Mother’s Day, most mums have at least one ghastly tale of a well-meaning hubby buying them mop socks (yes, this really happened to my colleague, Suze) or worse, a barbecue. While it’s not necessarily your husband’s job to organise a Mother’s Day gift you’ll love, when the kids are too little to sort it out on their own it is nice to have someone remember the special day and make an effort. As kids get older it’s usually burnt toast and cold tea, but it’s made with love and that makes all the difference.

This Mother’s Day, we want you to be pampered, so we’ve put together a list of 30 ways to celebrate that don’t involve you rushing to the shops at the last minute to pick your own present because everyone else forgot and you don’t want them to feel bad (yes, this also really happens).


If nothing else of note happens on Mother’s Day, a handmade card from your little cherubs is likely to put a smile on your face for the rest of the day. Here are some ideas they can make themselves.

1. Flowerpot card

Super-cute and simple enough to make, this card is bloomin’ fabulous.

2. Stained glass card

This magical stained glass window card project uses oil pastels and a quick brush of cooking oil for cool results.

3. Pretty poems

If your little ones need a bit of prompting to get some words down on paper, they might find this thank you poem helpful. Or, if they’d prefer to get a bit more philosophical, this poem about a mother’s love should do the trick. Alternatively, they can get right down to the meaning of love with this heartfelt verse.

4. Fingerprint card

This fingerprint card acts as a snapshot of a moment in their lives, as well as a sweet little ‘I love you’. Keep it with your other knick-knacks and bring it out from time to time to marvel at how teeny tiny their fingerprints were. As an added bonus, if they ever go rogue and become criminal masterminds, you’ve got their prints on file. You just never know …

5. Rosebud card

Rosebuds are red, violets are blue, you’ll love this sweet card, and the kids will too.

6. Sign-language handprint card

This beautiful card is really touching – using a traced outline of their hand, kids can fold down the fingers to make the ‘I love you’ sign in sign language. Bless!


Mother’s Day is as good an excuse as any to ditch the diet and indulge in some yummy treats. These recipes are simple and fuss-free so that the kids can make them with only minimal supervision.

7. Chocolate pancakes

What is Mother’s Day without pancakes? This recipe adds some chocolatey flavour to a basic pancake recipe for a delicious start to the day.

 8. Microwave chocolate cookies

If the idea of kids playing with the oven on Mother’s Day is not something conducive to relaxation, you might want to leave this microwave cookie recipe lying around. YUM.

9. Mother’s Day breakfast

Get the day off to a good start with a special breakfast in bed – don’t forget to print and fill out your order the day before!

10. Lemonade scones

If you love nothing better than a morning tea with your family on Mother’s Day, these impossibly fluffy scones have to be on your wish-list. Divine.

11. 2-ingredient coconut roughs

Who doesn’t love a coconut rough? This one is easy enough that older kids will be able to make it without demolishing the kitchen.

12. Super-easy rocky road

The title says is all, really. This recipe is sure to be a winner.

13. Heart-shaped cupcakes

This Valentine’s treat is also perfect for Mother’s Day. There’s a simple trick to make the heart-shaped cupcakes!

14. Lollipop bouquet

For the mama with a sweet-tooth, this lollipop bouquet is the ideal gift. Make sure you hide it in a kid-free place as soon as you get it …

With Dad’s help

While intentions may be good, the idea of being awoken to the sound of smoke alarms or your youngest accidentally stapling themselves to your card are not ideal Mother’s Day outcomes. These ideas are a little more difficult or time-consuming, so are best executed under Dad’s (or another relative or friend’s) watchful eye. Just email them the link and hope they get the hint …

15. Tomato and ricotta breakfast bread

Better than any cafe breakfast, this scrumptious savoury treat is even better with some melty-hot butter slathered over it. We won’t tell anyone …

16. Family tree vine

This idea is such a cute one – the kids can work a bit of family history into a gift with a family tree vine. They might need Dad’s help to get all the names right, but it will be a sweet keepsake to look back on.

17. Calendar card

Kids can say ‘I love you, Mum’ on every day of the year with this beautiful calendar card. Perfect for those occasions on which you really need a reminder of why you signed up for this whole motherhood lark …

18. Hand and footprints poster

Always a winner, this hand and footprints card definitely needs adult supervision, lest little feet get restless during the activity and wander paint through the house.

19. Breakfast pie

Everyone deserves pie for breakfast at least once in their lives.

20. Ricotta-stuffed French toast with caramelised banana

We’ll just give you a moment to think about that one. And drool. Find out how to make it here.


Every mum knows that the best gift their kids can give them is something handmade. Actually, scrap that. The best gift their kids can give them is a bathroom renovation and a date with Ryan Gosling, but the next best thing is something heartfelt and made with love.

21. Origami photo frame

Origami you don’t have to do with them? Great! Origami that’s actually useful? Double win! This nifty photo frame requires just one piece of paper – and a photo, of course. Simple and thoughtful.

22. Popsicle stick coasters

These coasters are such a fun activity for the kids to make, and a gift you can actually use. No promises on being able to get the kids to use them, though …

23. Handmade jewellery

Who doesn’t want to adorn their person with accessories that once held loo roll? Cute, fun, and hopefully not too hardy so they’ll disintegrate soon after Mother’s Day, freeing you from the obligation of wearing them to your next fancy dinner. Find out how to make them here.

24. Easy scented heart sachet

For mums who like pleasantly-scented bits and bobs, this pretty drawer sachet is a winner.

25. Painted flower pots

The kids can occupy themselves painting some terracotta pots especially for you.

26. Painted family

Kids can draw the family’s faces with pencil on wooden spoons and then paint . Find out how to make them here.

27. Woven bookmark

Bookmarks are highly useful and totally underrated gifts – especially personalised gifts like this one. With a few well-timed hints, hubby or older kids might nip out and get you that latest bestseller to go with it!

28. Homemade gift coupons

Print out these cute gift coupons, staple them together and you have a whole host of present promises from hugs and kisses, to back rubs and five minutes’ peace!

29. Thumbprint hearts tree artwork

This is one artwork that will look good on the fridge – or even in a frame. Extra points for kids who clean their hands before running in for a cuddle …

30. Cereal box note-holder

This gift is one that will keep giving – a pretty place to store all those school newsletters, permission slips and notices. It might even prompt them to give you the notes they bring home from school rather than keep them stuffed in the side pocket of their bags …

This article was originally written by Bek Day, the Social Media Producer for Kidspot.com.au and has been adapted for Kidspot NZ.

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