Make your own family tree-vine

Make your own family tree-vine

Researching your family tree is always interesting for kids, so show them how to make their very own real family tree – on a living vine!

What you need:

  • String
  • Paper
  • Coloured pencils
  • Stapler or paper clips
  • Scissors
  • Leaves for rubbings
  • Family tree information

Number of players:


Place the leaves on a hard surface.

Lay paper on top and gently colour in.

The leaf underneath should begin to show an impression on your paper.

Do this for as many family members as you have (include, siblings, parents, pets, grandparents, or anyone special).

Cut them out and pencil your relatives’ names and relationship to you onto each individual leaf.

Paper clip or staple them to the ribbon to create a family vine.

Group or order them in whatever way you please: from tallest to smallest, from oldest to youngest.


  • You can use a real cutting of a vine to staple ‘the family’ to, which looks very effective but won’t last forever.
  • Another alternative is to use a dried branch of a tree.

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