Calendar card

Calendar card

This beautiful homemade Mother's day calendar will remind you of your child’s love, all year round.

What you need:

  • Hole puncher
  • Scissors
  • Card
  • Pipe cleaners or small metal binder rings
  • 12 cards or pages that are all uniform in size
  • Photos or personalized messages or drawings to decorate the calendar’s months
  • Pen to write in the calendar’s details or a computer print out of the year’s months and days
  • Glue

Number of players:


Hole punch the twelve cards in the top centre, making sure the holes in all of the cards line up.

At the bottom of each card write or paste each month (and days) to a new card.

Decorate each month individually using photos, drawings or personalized messages.

To create the stand, cut a piece of card into a 10cm by 20cm rectangle, then fold the rectangle in half widthwise.

Punch two holes just below the fold, using one of your punched month cards as a guide.

Fold each end of the card 5cm in from the edge, then glue together to form a triangular prism display stand.

Attach the month cards to the stand using the pipe cleaners or metal ring binders.

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