How To Make A Flower Wall

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Flower walls are perfect for baby showers, birthdays and hen’s parties, and make a beautiful backdrop for special occasion photographs.

You can create this flower wall in an afternoon, using Resene testpots and coffee filters (yes, you read that right!).

Have fun with different colourways to suit the theme of your celebration.

You will need:

How to make a flower wall

Step 1:

Taking the coffee filters, paint each one inside and out using the Resene testpots.

How to make a flower wall

Step 2:

To create the petals, cut off the tops of each filter in a wavy pattern. We marked the pattern with a pencil first to make it easier.

How to make a flower wall

Step 3:

Take the petals and secure the bottoms onto the wire with garden tape.

How to make a flower wall

Step 4:

Once finished, hang the flowers onto string and arrange to create your flower wall.

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Article provided by Resene. Styling/Project by Leigh Stockton

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