Keeping Your Kids Occupied At Home During Lockdown

Spending time at home at lockdown Level 4 can be a challenging time for families, especially when parents and caregivers are trying to work from home (or as an essential worker), supervise online learning, as well as parent.

We’ve brought together a range of at home activities that will help keep your children occupied with little or no supervision, and that can be done using things you are likely to have on hand at home.

Plenty of printables

If you have a printer, some scissors, glue or sticky tape, and coloured pens and pencils, we have a great range of fun activities for all ages.

For the younger ones there are dot to dot activities, plus hundreds of colouring pages and other printable activities. If you don’t have a printer, you could make your own dot to dot, and find some spot the difference activities to complete on the screen.

For older children, a more complex printable is making a pop-up paper village.

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Crafty kids

Even if your craft supplies only consist of some paper, scissors, sticky tape, and the contents of your recycling bin (plus some lids), we’ve found fun crafts for your kids to make at home.

Egg cartons can be used in endless ways including for an educational maths game, a cute turtle, or you could use the egg shells to make a mosaic.

Add in some empty cardboard rolls to make an octopus garden, or use some milk bottle lids to make wheels on an egg carton bus.

If you have a balloon, an egg carton, and some paper, a paper mache piggy bank is a great time filler. If you don’t have glue, you can make some using just flour and water.

For kids who like challenges, we have ten of the best paper plane designs for them to try.

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Experimental science

If your kids have done the good old vinegar and baking soda volcano trick they could extend that to make a bag explode or inflate a balloon!

Vinegar has other magical qualities – did you know you can use it to clean coins, knot bones together, and make plastic from milk?

Some experiments that take a bit longer include making stalactites, or crystals and colouring celery. A variation on the celery experiment is the walking water experiment. You could also set older kids the task of working out how to play a simple song on a bottle flute.

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What are the at home activities that keep your kids most occupied?

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