Make a cut and fold jet plane

Make a cut and fold jet plane

This simple paper plane template is a simple paper craft activity for kids. Just print out the FREE printable jet plane template and add scissors and glue.

What you need:

Number of players:


Watch the how-to video tutorial to see how easy this jet plane paper craft really is.


Cut out the jet plane.

Fold along all the fold lines as indicated in the template.

Glue the main fuselage pieces together (make sure you don't glue the wings and tail piece as they will be folded outwards)

Fold out the wings.

Fold out the tail piece.

You're ready for takeoff!

Have a look in some books to see how you can draw some detail onto the jet plane.

Once you've mastered the jet plane, try the more advanced cut and fold biplane design.


  • Thanks to our sister company Kidspot Australia for creating the instructional video and the printable template.

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