Make an eggshell mosaic

If you’re looking for craft materials just have a look in your bin. Save all your egg shells for a few weeks and you can make some egg shell mosaics. This intricate egg craft can be made simpler for smaller children by making an abstract picture.

What you need:

  • 6  to 12 egg shells, washed and dried
  • a piece of A2 art paper
  • paints, crayons or markers
  • glue
  • FREE printable template (optional)


Once you have all your egg shells washed and dried plan out your picture.

Draw a scene on a piece of A2 craft paper or you can print out our FREE template to get you started.

Fill in most of the background using paints, crayons or pencils and leave one section blank. The blank section will be filled in with your egg shell mosaics.  For instance, fill in the sky, water, etc. but leave the sailing boat blank to be filled in with your egg shells.

Now have a look at your picture and decide what colour mosaics you will need.  It’s a good idea to have one section white, because then you can simply use the inside of the egg shells (which go naturally white after a couple of days left to dry)

Paint the inside of the shells with the colours you will need. For instance, for our picture, we needed white (for the sails) and red (for the boat).

Leave the paint to dry.

Now break up the shells into smaller pieces.

Use a paint brush to cover a section of the picture with glue, then start sticking on your mosaic pieces.

Hints and tips:

For smaller children you might like to try this more abstract version of an eggshell picture

Make an eggshell collage



  • Thanks to our sister company Kidspot Australia for creating the printable template.


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