Egg carton maths game

Egg carton maths game

If your child needs some help with maths, try making it a fun hands on learning activity with this egg carton maths game for kids.

What you need:

  • 1 x empty egg carton
  • 1 x marker pen
  • 1 x pompom
  • 1 x sheet of sticker labels (small enough to fit into the egg cups)
  • 19 x Duplo blocks

Number of players:


Write 12 numbers on the sticky labels.  Each number should have units of ten and units of one.  Eg. 45, 65, 73.

Now stick the numbered stickers randomly into the egg cups, one per cup.

Put the pompom inside the egg carton. Close the carton.

Shake it around.

Open up the carton. Whatever number the pompom has landed on, is the number you now have to make out of the blocks.

Represent the number in two columns: a column of tens and a column of ones. 

So if the number is 45:

there will be four blocks in the tens column and five blocks in the ones column

Hints and tips:

  • This sort of hands-on representation of numbers and their elements of tens and ones is particularly effective for children who have trouble with abstract maths concepts.

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