Howler Hotdogs Are The Perfect Snack For Little Hands

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Lockdown lunches have become a bit same-same now that we’re in week 4 so the opportunity to try something a little bit different came at just the right time.

While you usually eat battered hotdogs on a stick at a carnival or somewhere else fun, we decided to bring that magic and excitement into our own home for a change and give Howler Hotdogs a try.

We hadn’t heard of these before but you can buy them in the freezer section of your local supermarket which is super handy. Just heat the oven up and pop them in for 15-20 mins until the batter is golden and crispy, then take them out and arrange on a platter with some tomato sauce and voila – a magnificent looking feast that is super easy to prepare.

Mini Munchers & Vegan Mini Hot Dogs

We tried the Mini Munchers Mini Hot Dogs as well as the Vegan Mini Hot Dogs which was an interesting experiment as our family is very much a meat-with-every-meal kind of family. I was keen to see if anyone could even tell the difference with both types of mini hot dogs on the same platter. I didn’t say anything to anyone but kept my eye on where I’d placed the vegan hot dogs and guess what? They all got gobbled up with equal enthusiasm and no one even noticed that there were two different options on the platter.

The vegan sausage is really tasty and works well with the crispy batter – this product actually won Best Hotdog at the NZ Vegan Sausage Awards in 2020 so you know it must be good.

Now I know that I can actually try and sneak in some more meat-free meals with my family without them even noticing, the trick is just not telling them about it!

Ready to share

Howler Hotdogs are ideal for birthday parties and casual get-togethers – for both kids and grown-ups! They look great in terms of presentation and, as my family proved, they don’t last long once you put them out.

Even my daughter (almost 5), who is a very picky eater, gave these the thumbs up which is a big win in my eyes. There are very few new foods she will even try, but I think the fact that these are on a little stick makes them quite appealing. And perhaps the fact that her older brother was literally inhaling them!

I’ll be making sure I always have a few boxes of these in my freezer from now on as they’d also be great to serve for lunches when the kids have friends over for playdates or to drop off at the school when a shared platter is required. Howler Hotdogs are the best kept secret I simply have to share – do yourself a favour and grab a few boxes in your next grocery shop  to experience the carnival magic for yourself.

Find out more about the new breed of hotdog, Howler Hotdogs and find a stockist near you.

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