Lockdown Bingo For Kids

Having trouble finding something fun to keep the kids entertained? We’ve created this mini lockdown bingo for kids that encourages them to get moving, be creative and try something new while we’re stuck at home.

How to play:

  • Click one of the images below to print either our version of bingo or a blank version you can fill in yourself
  • Give the kids stickers or their favourite coloured crayon/marker to tick off the tasks as they do them

Reward ideas for completing bingo:

  • Pick the movie for our next movie night
  • Head into the backyard for some games
  • A special treat: cookie, ice-cream etc.
  • Choose what’s for dinner: pizza, burgers, breakfast for dinner etc.
  • 20 minutes of extra screen time
printable bingo

How are you keeping the kids entertained during lockdown?

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