Beetroot tarte tatin

Whether it's a light dinner, brunch or a lunch for your friends at the weekend this beetroot tarte tatin is the perfect dish to delight the beetroot loving tastebuds. Sprinkle with feta and mint and serve with a crunchy side salad.

Mushroom pesto burgers

If your kids are burger-crazy, then these vegetarian mushroom pesto burgers need to be at the top of your meal-planning list! Super healthy and jam-packed full of gorgeous Mediterranean flavours, the whole fam will love biting into these burgers.

Chickpeas with chorizo

Tapas is one of the easiest options for when you have friends coming over. Everyone loves this relaxed way of eating. This chickpea, chorizo and tomato recipe is brilliant as it’s quite filling, very tasty and takes just five minutes to throw together.

Spicy Spanish eggs

The humble egg has had some bad press over the years but eggs are packed full of vitamins and minerals and are a great source of protein. They are an all-round great source of nutrition and are the perfect fast food to have in your fridge.

Cinnamon toast

This simple breakfast recipe or after school snack idea is perfect for a wintery morning. Hot, buttered toast with a sugary cinnamon topping. Mmm ...

Easy egg pikelets

These easy egg pikelets will have even the fussiest of eaters begging for more! Light, fluffy and SO moreish, these little bites are great for after-school snacks or served alongside some streamed veggies for an easy-peasy kids' dinner.

Zucchini bread

If you have plenty of zucchini or looking for an alternative to banana bread this is for you it is sweet and soft with the added spice the whole family will love it with a spread of butter or a slice straight into the lunch box


This crepe recipe is really easy and you can use it for sweet or savoury crepes. Once you make this you will never buy crepes again.

French toast

French toast is one way to get eggs into fussy eaters. It is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner and can be topped with savour or sweet for a dessert

Coconut flour pancakes

These coconut flour pancakes are for those that want to go wheat free. They are perfect served with maple syrup or raw honey and blueberries.You can also make them dairy-free by using coconut milk.

Breakfast burritos

These hearty breakfast burritos will fill tummies and leave smiles on faces. Packed full of potatoes, bacon, eggs and salsa they are also great for people on the go.