Chicken pie

A really easy chicken pie that is packed full of chicken and vegetables and made with puff pastry. This family favourite dish is budget-friendly too.

Veal schnitzel

Veal schnitzel or Wiener schnitzel as it is known in Europe is a classic dish. Escallopes of veal are given a light crumb coating and fried.

Cherry crumble

This cherry crumble has sweet juicy cherries hiding under a golden crunchy top. Grab your spoon and some ice-cream and you are set.

Mini apple pies

Apple pies are a popular dessert - especially when served with cream or ice-cream! This mini apple pies recipe use a pastry recipe that's easy to make.

Tiny Teddy cars

Get these Tiny Teddies on the grid for your next birthday party and you will be super popular with the little ones. Serve them on their own or use them as cars on racetrack birthday cake!