Mini Grinches

Mini Grinches


Makes 12


  • 12 small strawberries
  • 12 green grapes
  • 1 banana
  • 12 white mini marshmallows


Step 1. Hull the strawberries by neatly slicing the green stalks away. Cut 6 wooden skewers in half.

Step 2. Slice a banana into 1cm rounds and set aside.

Step 3. Thread the marshmallow, strawberry, banana and grape onto the skewer as you see in the photo.

Step 4. Serve – reminding everyone to remove the skewers before tucking in!

Mini grinches

Serving Suggestions


  • You could use bigger marshmallows, even throw in some watermelon cut into star-shapes on top of the grinches’ ‘hat’.
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  • This recipe was created by Sophie Hansen for Kidspot, New Zealand's best recipe finder: You can follow Sophie on Local is Lovely, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.


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