Christmas Royals

The kids will love to help you make these delicious little xmas treats. They are super easy to make and require no baking so quite to whip up and look amazing on the Christmas treat platter.

Gingerbread men

Making gingerbread men is a fun cooking activity you can enjoy with kids of all ages. Make this simple dough, roll it out and then let your children do the rest of the work. You could decorate each man in the traditional way or go a little bit crazy with decorations!

Snowmen doughnuts

These adorable Christmas snowmen are a simple matter of adding yummy bits and pieces to doughnuts for a special Christmas party treat. It's a Christmas recipe that will be a sure-fire winner with the kids year after year!

Edible glitter

There's nothing better than a sprinkle of sparkle at any time of the year but come Christmas, it's positively to be expected! Decorate cupcakes, cakes, desserts and, in this case, fruit, with this easy edible glitter recipe that's made from coloured sugar.

Chocolate dipped strawberries

Chocolate dipped strawberries are the ultimate indulgence. For Christmas, Valentine’s Day or just because they're so good, make it fun for the kids with some colourful sprinkles as well. If you can stop yourself eating them all, they’d make wonderful gifts packaged in small cellophane bags.

No-bake gingerbread house

These gingerbread houses are made from cake rather than traditional biscuits. You can make them with ready-made cake and icing, or using your favourite homemade recipes. They're quick and easy to construct and a super-cute way to serve cake at Christmas.

Mini Grinches

This is more of an assembly job than a recipe but lots of fun nevertheless! Plus, it’s got to be one of the healthier Christmas treats around and that in itself is reason to give these Grinches a go ...

Christmas Sandwiches

It's Christmas and your fussy tot refuses to eat the roast turkey you've been slaving over - what do you do? You throw together one of these Christmas-themed mixed sandwiches of course! Just watch them guzzle down one of these cute sandwiches!

Candy Sleighs

You can make these Candy sleighs as gifts for teachers, friends or even just for yourself. They are a fun gift to make with the kids.

Snowman pizza

We may not get snow at Christmas in New Zealand, but that doesn’t mean the kids can’t make a snowman. Get into the festive spirit with these fun snowman pizzas.