Hunter and watchman

Hunter and watchman

Hunter and watchman is similar to Capture the flag. This is a classic kids’ party game and activity to entertain and amuse the kids during any time of the year.

What you need:

  • Sticks, stones or chalk

Number of players:


Using sticks, stones or chalk, mark out a circle about 3 metres in diameter. This will be the animal ‘pen’.

Choose one player to be the Hunter and another to be the Watchman.

The rest of the players take the role of animals.

The Watchman must stay guarding the ‘pen’ for the duration of the game.

To start, the ‘animals’ run around as the Hunter tries to catch them. If the Hunter does catch one, they are lead over to the pen.

Once in the pen they cannot escape, but can be rescued if one of the other animals touches them.

Stop the game at any time, but you might want to set a time limit in advance or declare an end when a certain number of animals have been caught.

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