Growth spurts

Your baby will experience occasional growth spurts and will want to feed more often, and may appear unsettled. You can expect the first growth spurt at around seven to 10 days. Another one may come around three to six weeks and then again at three to six months. During this phase it’s important to listen to your baby’s needs. Feed your baby as often, and for as long, as she or he wants.

Don’t worry, your breast milk supply will adjust itself to how often your baby is feeding so your baby will be getting enough milk to satisfy his or her needs.

After a few days your baby will return to their normal feeding and your milk supply will readjust again – until your baby’s next growth spurt!

Growth spurts can affect mums just as much as babies. Your body will be working harder to produce the extra milk so make sure you give yourself plenty of rest. It’s also important to stay hydrated and keep up a healthy breastfeeding diet. You will have to adjust your feeding routine for the few days around a growth spurt as well.

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