Pregnancy Makes You Sexy

We know that many men think their pregnant partner is more beautiful and sexier than ever before, especially during the middle part of your pregnancy.

10 reasons why men think their pregnant partner is sexy.

  • Your skin may be smoother and softer because you use lotions and oils to prevent stretch marks.
  • You ask for massages and back rubs, which may lead to further massage and sexual intimacy.
  • Discovering different ways to make love is an exciting new challenge.
  • A pregnant woman has a unique chance to show off her erotic imagination. Sex during pregnancy often requires some creative thinking on both your parts.
  • Your pregnancy makes him walk like a man. For many men, their partners pregnancy is often a source of pride.
  • Your curves can be sexy.
  • The hormones of pregnancy may increase your sexual desire.
  • Your changing figure, such as enlarging breasts, may turn him on.
  • The level of commitment you feel toward your partner may intensify your intimacy, both sexually and nonsexually. Having a child together may be the ultimate act of trust.
  • You’re carefree because you don’t have to worry about birth control.


This article was written for Kidspot NZ, – New Zealand’s parenting resource for during your pregnancy.

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