Princess cupcake dress

Princess cupcake dress





To decorate:

  • cardboard
  • silver paper
  • tiara
  • wand
  • ribbon


Step 1. Cover a large piece of cardboard with silver paper and set aside.

Step 2. Set aside enough icing for 3 cupcakes. Add one drop of food colouring at a time to the remaining icing with the mixer running. Using a rosette tip, fill an icing bag with white icing and pipe icing on 3 cupcakes. Use the pink icing to pipe the remaining cupcakes. Arrange into dress shape on the cake board, positioning the 3 white cupcakes as the 'waist' of the dress.

Step 3. Tie a bow with the ribbon and place on the 'waist' of the dress. Position the wand and tiara on cake board.

Princess cupcake dress


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Serving Suggestions


  • We used 36 cupcakes for this dress, but you could easily make just 26 cupcakes and still make the dress like we have in the smaller image.
  • Don't forget that the quick chocolate cupcake mixture makes cupcake and not muffin-sized cupcakes, otherwise you won't have enough mixture.
  • Our dress is pink but you could leave it white, or tint the icing with red and blue to make a purple dress.
  • If you have time, this dress would look pretty decorated with cachous.
  • If you need to transport this cupcake dress you can smear some icing on the bottom of the cupcakes so they adhere to the board.
  • You could alternately use our 2 ingredient chocolate cupcakes recipe for these dresses.
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  • If you would prefer a vanilla cupcake then these Basic cupcakes will do the job.
  • Plain Cupcakes can easily be flavoured to your liking.
  • This recipe was created by Jennifer Cheung for Kidspot, New Zealand's best recipe finder.

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